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tv   The Hollywood News Report  NBC  February 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> hello and welcome to the hollywood news report. i am your guide from what is going on in movies today. we are getting exclusive and in-depth looks at films. join us as we talk to hollywood a-listers on the hollywood news report, where news is entertainment and
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>> jennifer goodwin, jason bateman, alan, and shakira, they bring the magic in the animal comedy. >> it is action-packed and the relationship between the characters is complicated and dynamic and hits on many levels. there is beautiful meaning. >> it is a funny movie and there is an optimistic character that is fun. somebody is at the front just trying to do the best they can. >> what makes them so good is that they bury a lot of the message under layers of fun and funny things and beautiful animations. they are the best at what they
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>> this whole experience has been well-rounded and so much fun with the human team being so warm and i told the manager, can we do more? >> imagine a world with no humans and every mammal has the same level of human intelligence and they live in a beautiful metropolis. it is like the movie is made by animals and for animals. >> this is a world with animals living in it and different cities with rules. >> this is exciting and i think that i have seen every disney
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the characters are vibrant and i am an animation dork who is happy to be in this movie. >> she is the first honey -- bunneyy, prey animal on a police force of predators. >> it is good and it is a proud feeling to be sitting through it, if you were a part of it. >> he helped the martian get back to planet earth and he joined the avengers.
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>> he will be heading up an investigation. >> allow me to introduce the nephew. >> crossing guard. >> belmont. >> come on. >> come to work on time. >> remember, first to find the guy gets the day off. >> it was a lot of fun and it was a movie where everyone was chill and open to john. he never stifled us or stopped us and there was more about everybody getting into a position and serving a script, as opposed to ego arguments about who is and is not what. >> let's make this one for the
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>> do not move. >> i got into the training and -- >> he asked me and i was like, this will take work and i have not done that much with guns and i started working with navy seals guys and it was great to get into the mindset. it is the kind of experience and skill set the guys have. >> i go to a gun range every two weeks. >> it is ok. >> ever since the hurt locker, i have found it very therapeutic and it is interesting, you know,
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physical aspect of firing a weapon and how relaxing it can be. >> geez. >> i try to utilize that in my free time. >> this is the leader. >> do not make me regret this. >> when we come back, more from the biggest films on the hollywood news report. >> if you are worried about a parent or a loved one living alone and one care information, call the referral service and you will get free information on assisted living and important information and it is a free service.
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a look at more films on the news report. >> he has managed to survive the walking dead for six seasons and had people glued to their screens. now, they are getting together for an epic action. >> we are looking at 10. >> it is about to be honest. >> they are going to be killing each and every one of us. >> it is an honest and intense storyteller and you know, roy and you sign on to one of these films, it will be brutal and honest and that is this and how he got this cast of characters
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he is directing it and you see it and it is hard to not say yes and i did. >> it is a testament and there are stories going on with traffic and explosion and everything that commands this was the crew and the set and he does the stuff so everyone is there and it goes seamless. >> does anyone believe something very big will go down? >> he is not just grew some to be gruesome. he gave us the knowledge and i
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and got a peek and this is heavy. >> i got some of the most gruesome images and articles and movies to watch and i got the gist of it. i did not go on any ride along's . >> there is no limit to what desperate men do when pushed. >> joseph is a british actor known for irresistible charm and the film has him predicting the film.
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did not believe in the god's and nothing could prepare me for the truth that has now risen. >> this story reminds us of what a powerful narrative this is and the hook was the angle of seeing the story of christ unfold and there are few, if any, films that have taken this on and the idea of seeing this play out, through the eyes of a nonbeliever, it allows the audience to settle and enjoy and that is a reason why i wanted to be part of this and i think this might be a huge take away and we
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death and we understand the redemption is extraordinary and available to us. >> we must find a body. >> dead in the last week. >> he is a killing machine and part of the death squad that crucified as christ and we see that he is a rant and spiritual, to a degree. he is flummoxed and is not getting any joy. he is challenged and walks into an irrevocable occurrence. >> what frightens you?
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> thank you for joining us again. let's get back to entertainment news. >> he showed while -- he showed why horrible bosses need to be taught a lesson and jason is
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coaching him to the olympics. >> no problem at all. >> to you want to do it again? >> yes. that would be great. >> watch your start. >> you are looking at a gold medalist. >> i cannot let what i can't do interfere with what i can. i am not doing mill day-lewis or one of those guys. they have the ability to be different people and i am in all. i have to find parts of me and there was plenty of that. >> do you want a gold medal? >> sure. >> unless you are planning on
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>> there was a couple of photographs and an appearance by him on this is your life and he came out with the script and a line that jesse had about him being accidentally non-racist. your opposition is either personal baggage or the personification of evil, hitler. you know what side you want to be on and the idea of being accidentally non-racist, he declares this about him and it made more sense to me. >> trust me. if you do not go over there, you
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>> i will regret this for the rest of my life. >> my wife will walk out on me and i will end up drinking myself stupid and -- >> it did not feel dissimilar from the characters we are trying to portray. he knew who i was and we are fledgling in this story and i had done and we were put on a boat with vast waters in the story of jesse owens.
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it had to do with it being internationally financed and it would have been great. it looks awesome at the door and it was that same way and i could feel the difference and i probably blurred the lines a little more and it was good. >> you get a chance to be part of history and you are going to walk away? i do not care about any of that. >> there is only fast and slow. >> here is the rundown of the top five movies in the usa. >> he is going to hang in. >> nothing could prepare me for
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easy. >> everything they did made my body indestructible.
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>> i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "sa >> coming soon, it is a new single from the discounts. the discounts, paid in full with joey for tone. -- joey fattone. >> that is a hit. >> you started their out of high school and the asbestos was part
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if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, call us. see how we can help. do not fight mesothelioma alone. >> we have returned with more news to show on the hollywood news report. >> he fought against the odds in "when the game stands tall. call --." he shares the story of jesse owens and the olympics. >> for the next months, you are either in the classroom or on that track.
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or a girl at home rolling down soak stockings. do we understand? >> yes. >> this is different and i grew up with basketball, volleyball, football and being a track athlete is one thing. being an athlete in 1936 is another and they did not have the training that we have today and i had to make sure i was being accurate and training and doing the thing. it did not start like that right away. i was filming in atlanta and i was working on race and training
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conditioning and doing the running i was going to have to. >> we are seeing this sportsmanship between the athletes today. >> the daughters have been instrumental and were great in telling me about who dad was and he is a big hero to the rest of the world. it was interesting to hear from their perspective about the type of man he was and you can look at what he accomplished and it was a time that was inconceivable for him to do what
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he had an intention or a purpose . to go over there and to have that effect is something incredible and i can see why we are here today. i hope people are inspired by it. >> you are completely free. >> here is a look at the worldwide box office numbers. >> not lost. >> you are under arrest. you are h e witness. >> he is. >> too much for me. that is why i brought him. i mean, that is why i brought
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>> that is it for this week. join me next time on the
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